Solar System - Mars 3D Screensaver

Solar System - Mars 3D Screensaver

Solar System - Mars 3D Screensaver is a windows screensaver presenting Mars
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Solar System - Mars 3D Screensaver 1.2 is a screensaver with 3D images from Mars with music. By using this program, you will be able to see Mars landscapes each time your computer goes idle. When installed, Solar System - Mars 3D Screensaver will place a direct link in your desktop, that will let you preview the screensaver. In order to configure its options, you must right click over an empty space in your desktop, choose the "Properties" option and then the "Screen Saver" tab. Mars 3D Screensaver will be already selected. Here you will be able to configure the parameters that Windows will use to manage the screensaver, such as the Wait time and if you want to display the Welcome screen on resume. To set the screensaver´s specific settings, you must press the "Settings" button. In that menu you can set up options such as its resolution, aspect ratio and graphic detail. You can choose whether the screensaver will deactivate when moving the mouse or not. You can also decide if you want the screensaver to play music, and set its volume. In order to use this screensaver, you must have a Pixel Shader 2.0 compatible video card. Pixel Shader is a technology that enables nice visual effects. The unregistered version of this program will work for thirty days.

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